Supplying Your Own Artwork

Follow these simple checks to make ensure your print order goes smoothly, quickly and prints fantastic!!

Incorrectly supplied artwork can slow down your print order or can give you results which doesn't look the way you expected.


Colour Mode CMYK

Your print job is Litho printed using four colour process: CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & 'Keyline' Black. It is important you design your documents in CMYK mode. If you have been working in RGB for web design ensure to convert your colours to CMYK before sending to the artwork to us. Also please ensure any embeded images are in CMYK mode.

Include 3mm Bleed

When sending files to print we require your artwork to include 3mm bleed on each edge of the document. Bleed refers to the extension of any graphics or colour that you want to run right up to the edge of the cut sheet. Without a bleed you can sometimes end up with a white border around your artwork, where you haven't carried your design far enough into the bleed area. You can download a template on the left which shows our print sizes with the bleed added. This is a major cause for delays in printing and can be attributed to files being sent without bleed.



A6 Size = 148mm x 105mm

Therefore with create file including 3mm bleed on all edges = 154mm x111mm
After printing, we will trim it down back to 148mm x 105mm
Ensure that if you have any important images, graphics or text keep them at least 5mm away from the BLEED EDGES, this is so that they are not cut off when we trim down the printed product.

Resolution 300dpi

If you are creating your artwork in software like Adobe Photoshop we require a minimum of 300dpi, to ensure crisp text we strongly recommend creating all artwork in software like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe In-Design, these applications output text as "Postscript" data which means the text will print crystal clear. Please note 'web images' are usually 72dpi when printed will be pixelated and blurred.

Outline All Fonts

If you have created your artwork in Adobe Illustrator or In Design, convert all fonts to outlines, this is required as we may not have the fonts installed that you have used in your artwork.


Rich Black

In the CMYK Channels, utilising only 100%K (black) will not achieve a rich deep black; for this please use: C30 M10 Y10 K100

Please note for any black text ONLY USE K = 100%


Crop Marks & Bleed Marks

Please DO NOT use any crop marks or bleed marks, supply artwork at the exact size plus 3mm bleeed on all edges.



Accepted File Formats

PDF | ai | psd | jpeg | tiff

We do not accept

Microsoft Word | Publisher | Paint


Coming soon, contact us if you require a template