Spot uv Menus are printed on 350gsm matt laminted card, full colour, double sided (single sided spot uv) with FREE DELIVERY

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The gloss effect can push high profit dishes

A printed menu does much more than provide information on what you serve it represents who you are. Customers will make assumptions on everything from your quality of your food to your style of service, therefore the appearance and style of the menu must be considered fully. It should reflect your business personality, be visually attractive, clear and understandable.


Due to economies of scale from our suppliers, we make saving on our costs and we pass it onto you, our customer. So your business takes advantage of low costs, without compromising the quality your business requires. From artwork being print ready, to where you wish us to deliver the printed material, we are in close contact with you every step of the way, and guarantee good customer service and satisfaction.


Utilizing our litho printing, creative design, marketing expertise, is affordable, reliable and every step of the way, we look to get your business quantitative results. Call 0161 225 3545 for any assistance, or request our sample pack to see our quality.

Spot UV can highlight the areas of your menu which make the most profit for your product.


Gone are the old fashion days where designers needed to make shades for highlight, Spot uv gloss highlights specific areas on your menu which an untra vilet gloss effect which looks classy. You can use this for highlighting the products that make the most margins for your business, or the food products that you specialise in, or just for the amazing effect. Either way it will make financial benefits if used in the right way.


designing a menu in the right way is crucial to the success of getting the most out of the customers when they are sat at the table of your restaurant. You might have products that you want to push because its your businesses' speciality, or you might want to promote the product which makes the highest profit margins. We recommend you first check your contribution margins, I.e the products that make the least and most amount of profit for your business.


Then use price pionts to your advantage, for example use the good old £19.95 price mark for the product that makes the most margin for you, and use £20 for the product that makes less of a profit contribution. Once youve figured that out we can design a menu which will assist your customers to choose the products which contributes highest to your profits. By using our design services you are taking advatange of strategic designers who truely will make a mark up for your business.

Pictures are worth 1000s words, and increase demand for certain produces. Our restaurant menu design service is here to ensure your menu sells the prodcuts that make the most profits for you and your business. We understand that your menu is about so much more than content; it needs to promote the products that you specialise in, be individual and represent what your business is about.


Our design team has years of experience and expertise is creating effective artwork that will promote your restaurant and increase your turnover. Your menu is typically examined closely by your customer but for a short period of time, we will ensure that it has maximum impact, highlighting the products you want to sell and reinforcing your reputation with relevant images and text, after all pictures are worth a thousand words, and we have collected an impressive stock gallery of pictures for any food products you may have.


Call today on 0161 225 3545 today for any advice on the design which could make more of an impact then what you think.

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Price From: £138.00
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