4 part Non carbon required pads are printed on 80gsm stock, glued in pads of 50 with FREE DELIVERY

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NCRs, duplication without the carbon scuffing

Customer records, terms and conditions, acceptance, mutual consent agreements, NCRs give you the chance to keep records whilst keeping a professional approach.


NCR duplicate sets provide an easy, simple and quick solution when theirs a need for many copies of the same document. Simply press your pen onto the sheet, and underneath your writing is duplicated, without the need to have a carbon paper scuffing around to produce a duplicate. NCR stands for non carbon required, used mainly for invoice pads, however they can be used for statements, delivery notes, order pads, receipts, the list goes on. These pads aid your businesses in keeping professional, and sealing the deal with professionalism in mind. Its so important that the signature of yours or your clients is written in ink, and duplicated for potential legal purposes.

Utilizing our litho printing, creative design, marketing expertise, is affordable, reliable and every step of the way, we look to get your business quantitative results. Call 0161 225 3545 for any assistance, or request our sample pack to see our quality.

Making terms and conditions legally binding is important, heres the way it should work.


First an introduction like – "I swear to commit to the agreement signed for". "These terms and conditions apply for the length of time of....." or you can just refer to terms and conditions that are based on your website. You must agree to keep to the terms and conditions unless an “act of god” occurs. An act of god can refer to enviromental disasters, or an upraising or anything else a judge would deem as an act of god. If you dont put this in your terms and condition, and you are inflicted with a problem which you could never really forecast, then your at a loss, make sure the “act of god” condition is in their for your sake.

Think of the most important thing you need, and your customer needs when filling in an invoice. Then think of the terms and conditions required for your client to know they have made a transaction, or for you to fill as an acceptance of the terms and conditions. Then get your logo in the right place, contact details, and website into the design, and you've pretty much finished the design of your NCR.


Sounds simple enough, after 3 hours of making lines, bleeds and everything else needed for an NCR, you'll get to a point where you wished you'd get it professional designed. We have designed some of the top SMEs NCRs for over 7 years. This includes invoice pads for builders, sales invoice pads for financial companies and NCRs for fashion companies. Let us work with you to get the right NCR both designed and printed. Call 0161 225 3545 for any enquires.

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Price From: £141.00
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